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after a twitter-conversation tonight, i posted a new blog.

on internet hatred: please inquire within.

you can find it at - but i’d also like for you to comment. please give it a read, and share it wherever you like to share.


I think this blog, and the amazing comments that follow it are real and important and eye-opening. BUT warning: it contains bullying and suicides and very real trigger issues.


During 1946 and 1948 Scottish photographer Bill Burnside had the privilege of working with Norma Jeane a few times.

One series of photos that Burnside took of Marilyn in 1948 has her frolicking on the beach in Santa Monica, California, wearing red shorts and a blue T-shirt.

However, this photo above was not taken by Burnside but by photographer Eve Planch in the late 1940’s and was given to Bill by Marilyn. On it, she wrote:

To Bill, Anything worth having is worth waiting for! Love Marilyn.

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